Summertime Sadness or What Have You Achieved So Far

Why does time fly faster when you’re older? Maybe it has something to do with relativity… It’s the first thing that pops into my mind in this Summertime Sadness phase of the year. Let me look back at the summer and see if I wasted it for nothing.

Clearly I wasn’t around this blog somehow. I don’t know why, but summer has always been a down time for my blogposts. Nevertheless, I did create on other platforms, and it wasn’t all bad 🙂

Zanzebek’s Summer On Instagram

Here’s all that’s happened on my Instagram during the whole Summer. Clearly it’s out of control 🙂

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Zanzebek’s Summer on YouTube

My Youtube life has been a little bit more lively than my life on Instagram. And in August I took part in SSSVEDA 2017 (Savvy Sexy Social Vlog Everyday in August) hosted by Amy Schmittauer, a creative entrepreneur that I discovered on YouTube search and follow on social media ever since. So a few things had some impact on my YouTube channel, but it’s hard to notice now. Anyways, below are all my summer YouTube videos listed chronologically.

June 3

June 18

June 27

July 11

August 1 – SSSVEDA Day 1 – Hyper Excited

August 2 – SSSVEDA Day 2 – Don’t Worry, I fail in a few days

August 3 – SSSVEDA Day 3 – 5 Side Hustle Ideas 2017

That was actually a pretty good idea. I didn’t quite perform well, but I’m quite proud I made this video anyway.

August 6 – SSSVEDA Day 4 – Notice anything weird?

Here’s when I failed to post everyday. Still, managed to do something at least 🙂

August 6 – SSSVEDA Day 5 – Still Trying

August 8 – SSSVEDA Day 6 – Two videos behind the schedule

August 12 – SSSVEDA Day 7 – Close to giving up

August 15 – SSSVEDA Day 8 – Final Video of SSSVEDA

What’s Next?

I didn’t post everyday, and I definitely won’t win the prize that Amy offered for the one who posts a video every day during the VEDA. But there are still things I learned, and things that slightly changed how I see vlogging.

I definitely don’t think about it as an easy thing to do. It’s not even a medium difficulty thing to do. Vlogging is pretty hard, and you have to love it to keep it going. Right now I like vlogging, she looks hot. Not sure if vlogging likes me. But if I work on this relationship it could grow to something bigger, right?

Summer on Other Social Media Channels

I did a few things here and there, but nothing significant or worth posting here… YET 😉






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