A few ways to mirror iPhone screen to a TV

I don’t like the shady ways of doing things with Apple products, so I will describe only legitimate ways to mirror iPhone screen to a TV that won’t risk your battery, data security or Apple Care Protection plan.

1. VGA or HDMI Adapter to mirror iPhone or iPad screen to a TV

It’s an easiest way if you have a dozen spare bucks under your couch. VGA or HDMI adapter aren’t too expensive, and will serve you long enough to enjoy them fully. My 30-pin to VGA adapter is almost 7 years old and still works as if it were new. My only advise here is to purchase the one with the built-in charger, because it can charge your device while connected to a TV. That was my biggest problem with 30-pin to VGA adapter. Every time the battery was low, the fun was over.

Lightning to HDMI Adapter $49.99 – Lightning to VGA Adapter $49.99

2. AirPlay + Apple TV = Screen Mirroring

This is a more expensive way, but here you pay for comfort, speed and convenience. There’s not much to explain, you just buy an  TV.

3. App Store apps for wireless mirroring

Reflector is a great choice, and by far the cheapest. You only purchase the annual licence for $15 and use the app until next year. Great part is that it works with Mac, Windows and Android devices.

Link to Reflector home page.

If you struggle with the Reflector, there’s also the AirServer. I’ve never used it, but they say it’s very capable!

4. Mirror iPhone screen to your laptop screen

This would probably be the zero cost solution! Only if you have your laptop already connected to your TV of course. Just open QuickTime Player on a Mac. Press File > New Recording. The video screen will open up. Next to the ‘Record’ button, there’s a little arrow pointing down. Pressing it will show you iPhone or iPad screen as an option (if you have it connected to the Mac via USB charger). BOOM! You have your iOS screen on your laptop! More about mirroring iOS device on a Mac in this post.

I hope this was useful to your iPhone and iPad mirroring needs. If you liked the post, have a little scroll around the blog to find some more fun stuff! And comment if there’s anything you didn’t like.

Have a look at how this guy explains the first three steps quite clearly:

Let me know if this helps. If you know other safe ways to mirror iPhone screen to a TV – comment below!






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