16 Life lessons from toy story trilogy

My friend made me really upset about him a few days ago. Six months ago another friend really did something that led to our friendship to fall apart. In between those two I myself almost ruined my friendship with a girl I really liked, but I fought back, so did she. (So what does it make one perosn a good friend and another the one that makes friends upset?)

Toy Story is my favourite animated movie of all times. Part of me will always strive to be like Woody, will always seek to have friends like Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, and others, and will always appreciate friendship as one of the main gifts in life. So what are some life lessons that we can grasp from Toy Story movies?

Here are the main points:
1. Dont judge a book by it’s cover

2. True Happiness Cannot Be Faked

3. Jealousy is never a good thing, get over it before you make mistakes and lose people you care about.

4. If you’re made for each other – you WILL know for sure!

5. Working together in teams – is key to winning!

6. No matter how convincing other’s opinion is, don’t let them bring you down. Only you decide on who you are.

7. Be kind to strangers

8. Never Be Ashamed of Your Passion

9. By being mean to everyone, you can end up collecting people’s rubbish (it’s a proven fact that Sid from Toy Story 1, is the guy who collects rubbish in Toy Story 3. The ‘Skull’ T-shirt may work as a hint for you). And even then – stay positive and work your way to success.

10. Having fun with friends who get you, is the best kind of fun

11. Seriously, best friends are those in front of whom you can make a total fool of yourself.

12. Revenge is never a (good) solution.

13. Any skill can be developed with hard work.

14. A friend will always cover another friend’s back

15. True Friendship Lasts This Long:

16. Life moves fast, so don’t forget to enjoy every moment.

The Toy Story is really more of a “Friend Story”. Next time you watch it, every time they say “toy” try to change the word with ‘friend’. It may give you some ideas.
PS: I really had the pleasure to re-watch it, just to make sure I didnt forget any important life lessons from the movie. Although it is easy to get lost in all of the funny moments, so feel free to share other lessons you’ve learnt from Toy Story, and any of it’s characters.






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