Life is Strange Episode 2 Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

I’m enjoying Life is Strange Episode 2 so much! Max and Chloe are meeting in the town’s good old diner, thee “Two Whales”. Max is about to tell Chloe about her new super abilities, but she will have to prove that it’s true and not some kind of childish fantasy. Here’s my walkthrough gameplay video with no commentary.

Life is Strange Episode 2 Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

I will be adding the rest of the episode 2 parts to the playlist below or you can subscribe to my gaming YouTube channel to watch the uploads right away.

Life Is Strange Episode 2 – Full Gameplay Walkthrough – No Commentary

Life Is Strange Episode 1

If you want to catch up with the beginning of this amazing story, you may want to see my first series here. Max is only about to find out about her superhuman gift. There’s a lot to take care of, not to mention her lonely life, college and her favorite hobby – photography.

Life Is Strange Mobile for iOS Walkthrough Gameplay - Episode 1

This picture isn’t just a screenshot of my gameplay. This photo has actually been taken through the game’s built-in feature. It’s an actual polaroid-like camera with all the Instagram-like filters and adjustment options like Saturation, Exposure, Contrast and all others that you may have seen before in regular social media and photo apps.

Any photo you take in the game you can save right into your iPhone camera roll. So you can fully experience the game’s photography vibes.

Every person playing the game will have a unique experience. How story evolves depends purely on your decisions. Photos you take depend only on you. Now isn’t this fun?

Download Life Is Strange on App Store

If you wish tot try out the game yourself, you can download it for free on App Store.

You must know that the Episode 1 of Life Is Strange is free for everyone, but you will have to pay for the rest of episodes via In-App purchases if you want to proceed with the story.






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