Les Twins Music Video ‘You Don’t Know Me’

Les Twins music video is only a first step to watch them grow and evolve as artists. Les Twins brothers famous for their insanely beautiful Youtube dance videos have just dropped their first music video ‘You Don’t Know Me’.

Is there another Les Twins Music Video on the way?

It is still unclear whether the twin brothers Larry and Laurent will release their first official studio album – so far this music video is all we have.

What about the Les Twins dance videos?

While I’m personally happy for Larry and Laurent being able to speak out with their own tracks and rhymes, however I’ve always believed that they spoke MORE with their dance moves and dance videos (especially those inspiring dance sessions all over the world), than most of the hip-hop artists on TV. In fact, that’s why I became their fan in the first place. So I’m not against their songs, it’s just that I REALLY REALLY hope they won’t stop dancing.

If you’re not sure who they are, check my collection of favourite Les Twins dance videos and you’ll see.






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