Instagram in 2017: How to stand out?

If you search up ‘how to gain followers on Instagram’ or something similar, most of the online influencers and social media specialists would tell you to create good content. However, sometimes even if you create a piece of content that deserves a like, it may not be enough for you to gain substantial following on Instagram in 2017.

To really have your personality or brand imprint in people’s memory you have to create something a little unusual, more creative, but in your own style (aka your own Voice). Simply saying you have to stand out to be noticed online these days. Here are some of my suggestions on how to do that.

Instagram in 2017 - How to stand out - Zanzebek Social Media

1. Take advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a big hit these days, and the company tries to promote Instagrammers who  share their content in a new format. Read more about how to create cool Instagram Stories in this article.

2. Use Instagram Albums to share even more at once

Again, Instagram ‘Albums’ is even newer than ‘Stories’. This means you can share even more photos without annoying your followers. You know those days when you don’t post anything and ‘BOOM!’ – you’re at an awesome party taking tons of cool pics? Feel free to post them all (well more than before) – only post them in one album.

3. Take advantage of every other new feature of Instagram in 2017

We don’t know what folks at Instagram are going to roll out next, but the minute they do you have to try it out and share with your followers.

4. Take inspiration from artists

As of me, I was kinda moved by Maurizio Galimberti’s “Portraits”, and I’m about to make my own version of “Portraits” inspired by the artist. Here’s an example:

Johnny Depp - Maurizio Galimberti - Instagram in 2017 - Zanzebek SMM
Johnny Depp ‘Portraits’ by Maurizio Galimberti

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment on instagram in 2017

Make sure to mix it up. Mix it with anything. Many new successful Instagram profiles are a result of an unusual mix of their main niche, high quality photography and [something here – you decide].

6. Don’t be afraid to look stupid

In fact be stupid, and make mistakes. That’s how people learn and find success most of the times. Be stupid enough to express yourself.

7. Learn basic Graphic Design tricks

‘There are many apps out there’ you may argue. However, from what I see, the very best and outside the box content comes from the way a graphic designers play with the stuff they know in Photoshop. Using apps that ‘mass produce’ graphic content will get the stuff done, but it’s not going to shine from the crowds of people who use the same apps with the exact same effects.

8. Explore other social media apps and return with something new to tell/show your followers

People on different social networking apps tend to develop sense of community wether they want it or not. If you’re not part of it, try it, learn the (sub)culture and go back home with the things you’ve learned. There is always something to look out for.

When Vine was gaining its popularity, many Instagram users saw funny 6-second videos on Instagram as something new and ‘must see’, LIKES were making it rain for those videos. Many would never know that it all started on Vine (RIP Vine 2013-2017).






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