Try a Tattoo Before Committing with InkHunter App

InkHunter uses augmented reality to visualise your preferred tattoo image on your body. Just try it out. I personally don’t really feel like making a tattoo, but this app is real fun. Next time I see a person thinking about it, I’ll definitely suggest them Ink Tattoo (I mean this blogpost – löl). Here’s how the app looks like…

After you’ve decided which image you want to ink on your body, you can even order a flash tattoo of your chosen image in the app. Choosing the option ‘Order a flash tattoo’ redirects you to the browser version of a flash tattoo shop.

Inkhunter’s step-by-step guide

InkHunter guide 1 - Zanzebek Blog

InkHunter guide 2 - Zanzebek Blog

You can download InkHunter iOS app from the App Store now for free.






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