How to quickly fall asleep in under 1 min

I found out about this fall asleep method somewhere on the internet and I can’t remember the source. But what I have is that I experimented a little with this quick fall sleep theory and it kind of works (-ish).

First let me tell you what are the steps.

The ‘Fall Asleep’ Method

  1. Calmly inhale air for 4 secondsHow to fall asleep in 1 minute Inhale 4 Minutes
  2. Hold your breath for 7 secondsHow to fall asleep in 1 minute Hold your breath 7 seconds
  3. Slowly exhale the air for 8 secondsHow to fall asleep in 1 minute Exhale for 8 seconds




Why it works

This cycle slows down your heart rate and calms your body to just enough to relax and fall asleep. After a few repeats you should feel relaxed, but maybe you won’t remember because you’ll fall asleep.

I was sceptical about this trick exactly for this reason. I tried it out, I fell asleep and couldn’t remember that I fell asleep because of it. It took some time and effort to understand.

Be Consistent

If it doesn’t work for once or twice, don’t give up. Your body should adjust and absorb the new sleeping indicator. After a month of trials my body reacts to this method the same way my brain reacts to (supposed t react to) alarm clocks.

So think of it as an anti-alarmclock.

No Harm to Your Health

This is a natural act, so you don’t have to worry about slowing your heart rate. As long as you stick to the method. Of course if one holds breath for 5 minutes, it will cause brain damage and death. But here, you’re doing the thing that you probably done some time in the past. You just didn’t realise it. That is sort of a DNA-coded reflex of a human to calm themselves and to fall asleep.

Oh! While we’re on it, as you’re trying hard to fall asleep, don’t forget to put up an alarm clock (check out 4 iOS Alarm Clock Apps to Make You Get Up). Happened once to me. Had a nice sleep though.

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