Hello Spring: Top Things I’m Looking Forward To

I love winter, but right until I catch a flu. Having almost got well, I’m all open to the Spring Vibes. HELLO SPRING! Here are top things I can’t wait to experience this spring.

Hello Spring - Things I'm looking forward to - Zanzebek Lifestyle

1. My 26-th Birthday

Zanzebek Birthday - Hello Spring - Things I look forward to

Here’s a quick story. According to my birth certificate, I was born on the 15th of March 1991. However, I was actually born on the 7 of March. Some nurses made a slight mistake (I hope that was their only mistake). Since the early days of my childhood we were joking about me having two birthdays.

But later on it kinda became more of a truth than a joke. I would celebrate my real birthday with my family and close friends. While on my ‘official birthday’, the 15th of March, I’d usually celebrate with my classmates (co-workers) or it was just a perfect day to throw a birthday party.

And since I consider you guys my friends, you shall keep in mind this story 🙂

2. Cool Sunny Weather

This is the time for my old half-broken aviators and the never-stopping computer cooler. No need to explain this right?

3. More Vlogs

I’m finally getting closer to ending the content planning for my blog and my Youtube channel, so I can focus on actually creating content. Therefore both you and I can both be pumped about the blogposts and videos that are about to come.

4. Goodbye sicknesses, cold and flue!

This is something I am really looking forward to. I am sick of being sick.

5. Hello Spring, I need More Inspiration

Change of seasons is always a great basis of a solid stream of inspiration. That’s why I’m really looking forward to feel the sh*t out of spring 2017 inspiration for videos and blogposts.

6. And a miracle of some kind

It may be stupid, but I always leave a little room in my ‘House of Hope’ for some unexpected miracle. Do you?






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