Dozen ways to be more successful and happy

It is always good to summarise knowledge at the end of the year. So here are my ways to be more successful and happy. I don’t mean for you to blindly learn and follow these advice for the rest of your life. I’d rather like to remind you some things that could easily be forgotten in the everyday hustle.

Eliminate negativity

Cut down on using the F-word and other negatives. At least find some healthy alternative. The only thing that should bother you is making your life better. Whatever doesn’t – should be solved by you and nobody else except you.
No More F-Words... What about the gestures?

Care less about others

Stop expecting people having bad thoughts about you. The good thing about a society where nobody cares about each other is that Nobody Cares about you either. Focus on improving yourself.

no one cares more successful and happy blogpost morgan freeman

Make healthy meetings

If your friend or colleague is stressed-out – give him/her a break and meet later. If they have an emergency – help, but if all they want is complain and pass stress on others – you can’t help.

Maybe next time - you say. Be all Neo about it

Always expect something great to happen to you

“Something Magical (or Great) is about to happen to me today” – should be your thought on Monday morning instead of “I hate Mondays”

Happy Successful Magical


Breathe like all the fresh air belongs to you now. The amount of benefits from fresh air to your mind and health in general is highly undervalued. This point alone in the whole list could bring dramatic change to your life.

Sherlock Take A Deep Breath


Make or attend more parties that relate to you or your team/friends and celebrate

Party Shire can't handle me

Do it

DREAMS and GOALS? Just do it

make your dreams come true ways to be more successful and happy blog

Failure as One of the ways to be more successful

Failure is a lesson which concludes: You failed to take action. With this in mind do take action next time. Failure is not an end point of anything – it’s part of a learning curve. It’s in fact one of the major ways to be more successful. Use it to your benefit.

kim kardashian take action from failure success

Let others stay with their opinion

Avoid never-ending arguments. Once someone states that the Earth is flat, it should be followed by a solid ‘YES’ from you. It costs your energy to argue and it doesn’t get you anywhere. Smiling and staring like an idiot also works.

don't argue more happiness blog

Let go

Hating someone or something eats you from inside until you’re all dried out like a fruit with a worm inside.  Forgive (let the emotional worm out) and move on.

forgive sucess happiness

Pick up the phone

Seeing a call from an unknown number? In the past, I used to not pick up. But that seems wrong to me now. Here’s a reason: you could pick up the phone and and find out about the problem. That’s not the end of it. You could also find out a solution to the problem right away. All other times phone calls are only going to make you better off.

pick up the phone sucees happiness

Be stupid

In moderation. I’m not going to tell you what you should and should not do….Any more…so far in this post. BUT I must say that being able to laugh at myself and not being too serious all the time helped me to get over some rough times.

laugh at yourself happiness success

Drink your way to success

No water – no energy. More water – more energy. Simple as that.

pikachu drink more water energy success zanzebek blog

Breakfast like a king

You may not eat dinner, you may eat less for lunch, but your breakfast should be a warrior-sized meal.

foodporn for happiness and success blogpost zanzebek


When you go to sleep think of the stuff you’ve been doing the whole day, what you’ve done and what one significant thing have you achieved. Just thinking about it will make a difference. If you stumble upon a thought that you haven’t done anything, still be grateful for the good things you already have in life. And with this gratefulness think about what can you do tomorrow that will benefit you or your surrounding.

summary of the day happiness success

Look out!

Many people keep complaining that their eyesight/vision is starting to worsen. Obviously they end up wearing glasses. But I’m no sure if they know that a human eye is also a muscle. What happens to muscles if you don’t train and excerscise them? They sort of die slowly and hardly go back to normal. So in order to not lose your crystal clear vision you have to train your eyes as if you’re in an “Eye GYM”. You can do it anywhere. Even right in front of a laptop screen.

eye gym happy successful

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