Blogo for iOS let’s you blog entirely from an iPhone

I started my friendship with Blogo from its Mac App, that used to a few dollars (but free now). Once I began Blogo-ing from my Mac I immediately tweeted asking developers to release an iOS app as well. After less than a year they did what I and many other Blogo Mac users have been asking fro – Blogo for iOS. With the release the app now is free for everyone to download on any device.

Blogo for iOS - Zanzebek Blog

What can you do with Blogo for iOS

  • Well, post blogposts obviously – to WordPress, Medium and/or Blogger
  • Insert, edit images inside Blogo App on the go
  • Slightly edit code on the go from your iPhone
  • Accept and reply to comments
  • Export from other app directly to Blogo App
  • Preview your draft pages and posts before going live
  • Schedule posts
  • Edit the slug (or post link)
  • Add featured image
  • AND Custom Fields: this is for the fields that are visible on the web version because of your extra plugins. The Custom Fields option allows you take advantage even of your plugins (like Yoast SEO) right from you iPhone. That’s a major difference from the WordPress mobile app.

It’s incredibly easy to blog from an iPhone

Blogo for iOS and Mac - Zanzebek Blog - Light

Blogo for iOS - 1 - Zanzebek Blog
Blogo for iOS - 2 - Zanzebek Blog

Want to download Blogo for iOS yet?

You can download the Blogo app right now for free for both iPhone and iPad.






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