Best prank of 2017 – Rings TV store prank

So you might know that Rings is coming out in theatres on February the 3rd. Paramount Pictures have just posted this prank video based on the Rings (2017) movie, and it is HILLARIOUS. I couldn’t stop laughing. Therefore I can officially declare this video as the best prank of 2017.

Paramaount Pictures Best prank of 2017 – Rings TV Store prank

Remember this?

This idea is at least five years old, but… it really never gets old, does it?

About The Rings 2017 Movie

The plot is generally the same – a ghost threatens to kill you in 7 days after watching the same old ‘viral’ video. A girl ghost hunts this girl in the modern day America, where nobody watches old VCR tapes whatsoever. So the ghost tries to find other ways to make people watch her videos. And where do young girls go for fame these days? Right, social media! Here’s the trailer that explains it all.

It’ll give all the good old jump scares that we all crave so much sometimes

best prank of 2017 - rings 2017 movie






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