Bentley Bentayga App for Apple Watch and iOS

Not that there are too many of them, but Bentley Bentayga owners now have another luxury – controlling many of the SUV’s built-in features entirely from their wrists with the Bentley Bentayga App for Apple Watch and iOS.

Screenshots from the app store

Bentley Bentayga App for Apple Watch 3 in 1 - Light
The app is call ‘Bentley TSR’ or ‘Bentley Touch Screen Remote’.
Bentley Bentayga App for Apple Watch 4 - Zanzebek Blog
Oh no! Enough of the massages.
Bentley Bentayga App for Apple Watch 5 - Zanzebek Blog
If you’re not looking at the road, you might want to look at your wrist or an iPhone to see how fast you’re going to crash. PS: Please don’t do that!

List of Bentley Bentayga App Main Features

  • Climate Control
  • Infotainment (I guess it’s about  music, audiobooks, videos and news)
  • Vehicle information
  • Rear seat heating, ventilation and massage
  • Front passenger seat movement

Watch My Demo for Bentley Bentayga ioS App

Download The App Now

If you are one of the lucky Bentley Bentayga owners you may want to download the app from App Store right now (weird, but it’s free). I just downloaded it for fun, but it’s not that fun if there’s no Bentley to connect to.






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