Star Wars BB8 Ringtones Is a Must Have

BB8 ringtones is something I didn’t know I wanted. R2-D2 is pretty old, Imperial March is too cliche. Besides who makes calls anyways? It’s the era of text-ringtones.

BB8 rolling gif via Giphy

Thanks to MacSparky, I can show off my love for the new Star Wars character in a pretty smooth way.

Download BB8 Ringtones

Zanzebek Blog BB8 Ringtones for Text Messages

So if you want these ringtones you should head over to here and add the stuff in the folder to your iTunes Library. Don’t forget to Sync your iPhone/iPad and check if everything is where it should be. When I tried to Sync, I ended up updating Mac OS X up to the latest El Capitan version and my iPhone 6 iOS up to iOS 9.2. Took me only a few hours, but BB8 ringtones are totally worth it.

It may be simpler when you do it though.

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PS: Check out this Lightsaber Escape game






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