Apple Spring 2016 Special Event Expectations

There are rumours all over the internet about the Apple Spring 2016 Special Event. Of course some of them are crazy and you don’t have to believe in them. Although others are quite reasonable.

What to expect from Apple Spring 2016 Event

Apple spring events are usually an iPad and a Macbook event. However, the number of products has substantially increased since Steve used to host the stage. So they had to switch a few things around a bit.

Product updates


New smaller iPhone is a no secret now, although I was hoping they wouldn’t do that until October ’16. The only way to pull a smaller version of an iPhone is if it will be at least as fast as an iPhone 6S (better if faster than that).


A better iPad? The new Apple chip. This is the time when iPad’s overcome Laptops as consumer preferred personal computer.

Apple Watch

I believe Apple will leave the announcement of an Apple Watch 2 for the summer WWDC ’16 event.


The year of 2016 is the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Mark Zuckerberg announced that he’s working on his own version of AI. Which, I speculate on this one, if successful will be applied to other Mark’s tech projects or even to Facebook and it’s Messenger app.

Siri has to compete with all the AI’s out there. During previous Apple event it was announced that spotlight can understand searches like “photos from last year’s trip to Atlanta” and similar. Now is the time for Siri to penetrate more apps and be able to control them.

Intuitive Control

There are no Apple Events without additions to touch control either on iPhone or any other Apple device.

Apple Music

Although Apple Music is something to talk about on an Apple Developer’s Conference, a few improvements probably will be mentioned.


Throughout the history of Apple Keynotes, Spring Events were dedicated to  Macs. I’m hoping for Apple to announce improvements to the Macbook Air. Many Apple’s developments in the mobile industry since the last Macbook Air update could be successfully applied to one of the most selling Macbook. Battery capacity increase throughout the industry allows to put a Retina Display on a Macbook Air. Predictive Spotlight is something to have on a Mac. iPad’s processor quickly approaches the power level of a Macbook.


iWork has got to improve. It was good so far, but it can do better. We’ve already seen Garage Band update which made a lot of noise in the music industry. Now is the time to improve the work experience for students who want to study more efficiently to spend more time making cover videos.

Software Updates

iOS 9.3

We’ve all heard and read about it. I can’t wait to download it already.

tvOS 9.2

Support for Bluetooth Keyboard and dictation. Easier ways to type in usernames and passwords.

WatchOS 2.2

Minor improvements to Apple WatchOS

OSX 10.11.4

Bug fixes for OS X El Capitan

Hardware Updates

A10 Chip







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