9 Things I Expect from September 9 Apple Event

Sometimes I feel like an Apple Event is more important to me than my own birthday. Does anyone feel the same way? Must be just me then. 
As with birthdays I expect the following presents from Apple to customers (me and only me):

1. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus with 12Mp camera

2. iOS 9 with predictive user experience ready for download right after the Keynote

3. Coolest Siri ever. Like… Cooler than some people I know…

4. Invited artist. I suggest Taylor Swift on stage

It would make so much sense since Tay-Tay made her famous move at Apple Music. Tho folks at Apple might or might not be happy with the contract, this case showed how much Taylor Swift is important for Apple’s customers.

5. Apple Watch-style clock on iPhone

Since Apple loves to use newly developed technology across it’s product line. I’d like Mickey Mouse clocks on my iPhone

6. Cool new iOS 9 Apps and Games based on Metal

Just like Infinity Blade or Vain Glory showcased on previous Apple events. Developers had plenty of time to play with iOS 9 and Metal for now.

7. Apps with predictive technology

8. OS X El Capitan ready for download

9. NO (rumoured) Force-touch for iPhone screen, but YES for Sim-Free iPhone

I’ll try to keep you updated on this blog and via Instagram and Twitter.






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