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The Week In Pictures: Nerds & Love, Fashion & Politics, Tech & Nature

Cool things that happened during last week in the world, in my social media feeds and recommendations, or things I discovered just last week. I thought I needed to share these, and give the creators behind the shoutout they deserve.

Silicon Valley Season 4 will return to the screens on April 23rd 2017

HBO Silicon Valley Season 4 April 23rd 2017 - Zanzebek Blog

Indian villagers knit warm clothes for elephants because of the cold weather

Clothes for elephants by indian villagers - Zanzebek Weekly

Clothes for elephants by indian villagers 2 - Zanzebek Weekly

Reddit user chases winter storm up to Yosemite National Park and catches himself seeing a beautiful sunrise

Reddit user Yosemite Storm Sunrise - Zanzebek Weekly

Fashion Week Gets All Political

New York Fashion Week AW17 Gets Political | Politics on a catwalk 1 - Zanzebek Weekly

New York Fashion Week AW17 Gets Political | Politics on a catwalk 2 - Zanzebek Weekly

Concrete Jungles of Brussels will be less concrete and more leafy

Vertical Forrests of Brussels - Zanzebek Weekly


Eagle Spyder GT - Jahuar E-Type 2017 - Zanzebek Weekly

Star Wars Land Is Coming to Disney Parks

Disney Star Wars Land - Zanzebek Weekly

By Zanzebek, February 11, 2017

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