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WCW: Mysterious Dotagasm – true or not?

She goes by the name Dotagasm on her social media profiles. This extraordinary girl posts her dota streams on Twitch for our dotagasmic pleasure,  but does she really exist?

She speaks Russian, Korean and English languages, which is already so extraordinary that would usually raise my doubts. But being an english-russian-kazakh speaking guy from Kazakhstan, blogging about tech and stuff for peeps online, it should be no surprise for me to see other people with “diverse range of skills”. What if she’s “the one”? Probably just a crush.

According to her twitter bio, she is from “Here, there and everywhere”. Is that she sees the modern world? Or she’s just trying not to reveal her identity too much (sure wasn’t easy finding her photos)? I bet she travels a lot. Whatever the reason, the whole mystery adds up to the whole cool vibes thing going on.

WCW Dotagasm 1 - Zanzebek Dota

WCW Dotagasm 2 - Zanzebek Dota

WCW Dotagasm 3 - Zanzebek Dota

Dotagasm on Social Media

Twitch: @Dotagasm
Twitter: @Dotagasm
Instagram: @Dotagasm

Her instagram profile is set to private, but who knows. maybe you will be the lucky one who gets accepted.

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