New Kendrick Lamar Video for These Walls is an 8-minute movie

During the 8 minutes of These Walls I had a good laugh, a few important thoughts about life and I was entertained by the music. Kendrick Lamar’s new album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ has been heavily criticised which is what great artists usually get when they speak out. Nevertheless, you won’t regret watching These Walls. Continue reading

BBC Sherlock will air on January 1st (YAY!)

Fans of Sherlock series will be happy whilst (I believe) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fans will be ecstatic on January 1st when the long-awaited Sherlock series will return to the tv (and laptop & mobile) screens. I am personally somewhere in between the two (cause I haven’t read all the books). To keep the hype, here’s the new trailer which is called “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride” Continue reading

Weekend at Kostya’s: The Cooking Party

This Saturday we had a cooking party at my friend’s (Kostya) house. He’s a chef and he’s practicing on us. His goal is to gain some more experience as a chef and have some fun with friends at the same time. I guess the fun part went well. Oh and the lasagne was quite amazing. Afterwards we had some nice time playing games and smoking shisha. Here’s the summary video I made:
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Official Trailer Is Here

I was hoping that the thing someone said in the Force Awakens trailer wouldn’t ever say it. However, if the world obeyed my hopes, it would sure look way more different to the one we have today. I believe this trailer opens a door to the whole new stuff that fans will love – More Star Wars. Endless Star Wars episodes. Make sure to catch up on season 1… Anyway, here’s the trailer: Continue reading

Vainglory: Is anyone up for a quickie?

Yesterday, I returned to playing Vainglory and it kinda stuck to me. Back when I just tried the game for the first time, I could barely find players in the auto-player-match. And even after I found a few guys to play for fun – it wasn’t fun. Most of them couldn’t play (yeah, me too, but less obvious, duh). After a few hours of disappointment and frustration I went back to the good old keyboard and a mouse to play Dota 2 with the veterans (my friends).

But now: Continue reading

Last Days of Summer 2015 Kazakh-British Technical University aka My Uni

Last Days of Summer… in October

I don’t know about everywhere else, but in Almaty it stays warm a little bit more through Fall until it gets freezing cold. These are the true Last Days Of Summer. So many things I haven’t done yet, and so many things are waiting for me this fall! Anyways, here is what I caught on cam these days. Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston in ‘Emirates’ ad campaign

Jennifer Aniston recently starred in this ad campaign by Emirates Airlines where they  show they know how it feels when you’re not being served well, in a familiar sitcom style. I mean that wasn’t Jennifer Aniston, this was Rachel, the luxury loving naive Rachel, probably flying from US to Europe for Fashion Shows after the Friends TV-Series Finale. However, this ad isn’t about Rachel, it’s about proper service. Paying less doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be nice to the customer, does it? Continue reading

Zanzebek Blog Stella The Cat Main

Say Hello to Stella The Cat

She was only two months old when we brought her to our home. From a little scared fur ball she has grown up to this big fearless Stella The Cat. Couldn’t stop playing with her for the first few weeks. Now we are friends who watch tv shows like Friends & House MD together. Stella also supports me when I play Dota 2 online.

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Zanzebek Blog Modern Day Nomad's Inspiration Main

A Modern-Day Nomad’s Inspiration

Nomadic spirit lives among each and every one of us, as willingness to walk, run, travel and discover is in the heart of every living creature on this planet. Other than that, a modern human-being has to make a living by doing something he or she enjoys. Seeing these pics not only makes me want to have those houses, cars and work in spacious offices, but also think about the core idea – the most important thing is to travel no matter what things you have or don’t have. Continue reading

Panorama Photo Didn't Go Very Well - Zanzebek Blog: Barcelona Archives

Barcelona Photo Archives

How did I come up with these photos? After installing the new OS X El Capitan, I decided to see what’s changed for the Photos app. Which eventually turned into a simple addicted scroll of thousands of photos. That’s how our family trip to Spain came up. I was wondering why is it not here on my blog, which led to the creation of this post.

It’s been pretty fun that summer. We got to see many sights as much as we didn’t have time for other important buildings, parks and certain landmarks. Nevertheless it was great and I hope I could visit Barcelona again some time in the near future. Here are some photos I would like to share with you. Continue reading