Zanzebek Blog Pikachu Life Lessons

Learn To Love Life The Pikachu Way

Pikachu is a Pokemon that who has lots of things to teach us about life. Here are a few Gifs to demonstrate his secret knowledge:

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Lana Del Rey Honeymoon Performance on BBC Radio 1

Listen: Lana Del Rey Performs Live on BBC Radio 1

Lana Del Rey’s album ‘Honeymoon’ has been released not so long ago, which means you’ll start seeing and hearing Lana everywhere now, which is cool. I was waiting for her new album ever since I’ve learned all the lyrics to every song from ‘Born to Die’.

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My Day Out with Coworkers

My Day Out With Co-Workers

It’s important to have meet with the people your work with outside the walls of an office. In our case we had a beautiful day in the Alatau sanatorium. It was like a fancy walk in a park. I had the time to get to know my co-workers better and on top of that I had the time to walk and wonder around and think about stuff I want to create in the near future. #Excited

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Kenan & Kel Reunion on The Tonight Show

I was hoping they’d make an updated version of Kenan & Kel show, but for now they are having fun with Jimmy Fallon.

After so many years I hope Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchel – the actors AND the characters – are best friends and even orange soda can’t stand in between their friendship. However this time it wasn’t about the Kenan and Kel show, it was about ‘All That’, the less favourite show of mine.

The New Star Wars Teaser is out in 360 View Mode

The closer it gets to the 7th Star Wars Episode premiere the more juicy stuff we receive as viewers. Here’s another present from the [film company] for us, but it’s for for ordinary viewer. You have to watch either from a Mobile Facebook app or Youtube on iOS or Android.

It got weird when I pressed ‘Play’ on Youtube from my MacAir. Anyway here’s the video itself:

Formula E Season 1 Recaps 2015

Formula E is ‘driving’ more attention and gaining some momentum

This is a second time Formula E was held after it’s inaugural season in Beijing in 2014. In spite of it’s young age it starts to gain momentum among fans. This video covers the most important moments from the Season 1 of Formula E. I’ve never been TOO into «Formula» races, except they were fun, but this one here is something I’d like to keep an eye on.

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Zanzebek's List of Best Ads of the Decade

My List of 9 Best Ads of the Decade

I don’t know about you but I don’t see these ads anywhere but youtube (not as ads, but as videos I usually look for on youtube). These ads have more to say than just to tell us to buy a product or a service, there are fundamental feelings and/or thoughts behind each scene.

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Fifa 16 ‘Play Beautiful’ Official Commercial

I was wondering how good Fifa 16 will be and there you go. After all it’s hard to create new things in Fifa and yet EA Sport does it every year and quite successfully.

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They say Jungle Book trailer is [whatever good word pops up] and they are right

Disney released this trailer on Sept 15th and it already has 6million+ views. Acting cast is familiar, the story is something we all know, but what’s so different? Answers are in the Jungle Book trailer.

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9 Things I Expect from September 9 Apple Event

Sometimes I feel like an Apple Event is more important to me than my own birthday. Does anyone feel the same way? Must be just me then. 
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