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I’m a creator trying to join the internet conversation of other creators. I was born in Kazakhstan and to this day I live and create videos from Almaty.

Instagram Tips & Tricks

Have you ever struggled with adding music to your Instagram Story video? Or have your ever tried rotating a video on your iPhone? It’s not so obvious how to perform these tasks, but I’m here to help with my tutorials on YouTube

Creative to all intents and purposes

Dope Videos

Amazing vlogs from life events and killer footage from around the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan

Technology Blog

Every now and then I post tech videos, articles and hauls across my pages online. Make sure to subscribe to be the first one to see what I got for you

Border-free content

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who thinks he can make it from any location around the world. You see Almaty, but I am about all things worldwide!

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This is the whole reason for this website to exist. So make sure to check out the stuff I shared throughout the years.