Epic iOS 10 Pokémon GO video

Epic iOS 10 Pokémon GO video

I’ve successfully upgraded to the iOS 10 despite all the pain and errors popping up… Anyway, it led to the creation of this epic iOS 10 Pokémon GO video, since most of my camera roll consists of Pokemon GO app screenshots. Check out what iOS 10 created out of it… Continue reading

Weekend with Aliba: Casually chilling before going to the movies - Zanzebek Vlog

Weekend with Aliba: Casually chilling before going to the movies

This is a sneak peek to the city of Almaty through the lense of my cameras. Please have a look and meet my friends: Continue reading

Apple Event 2016 video summary Don't Blink - Zanzebek Tech

Apple Event 2016 Video Summary – Don’t Blink

Here’s the quickest way to find out what happened at this month’s Apple Event 2016, during which iPhone 7 and Apple Watch “Series 2” were announced. Watch this incredibly dense video by Apple. Continue reading

Apple iPhone 7 Video Summary main - Zanzebek Tech

Apple iPhone 7 Video Summary

Apple have just announced heir latest and most powerful smartphone ever, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Here’s the iPhone 7 video summary. Continue reading

Weekend at Anelya's: The Cooking Party 3 - Risotto and Shrimps - Youtube

Weekend with Friends: The Cooking Party 3 – Risotto & Shrimps

It’s been almost a year since the previous Cooking Party, and many people were craving for another one. Well, thanks to my enthusiastic friends, we’ve just had one. So far, this weekend food party was the best in terms of close family-like vibes in the kitchen air. Watch my video summary from the cooking party here:…

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iOS 9.3.5 Update Fail - Apple iPhone - Zanzebek Tech

iOS 9.3.5 Update Fail: WTF?!

Does anyone know how to fix this? I am so tired of these update fail notifications… Never happened before, only with iOS 9.3.5. I will highly appreciate it if you can comment the solution… Continue reading

My casual Pokemon GO game routine

I’m like everyone else, became addicted to my Pokemon GO adventure. Watch how my days are going on with the game in this video. Continue reading

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child book available Release Day Bookstore - Zanzebek Blog - Main

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child book is out now!

I can’t believe it… I can’t believe the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child book is not in the bookstores in Kazakhstan. This situation is golden… and cry-worthy. The 8th book of Harry Potter is in the bookstores all over the world, but Kazakhstan. Thank God I can buy from iBooks Store, because otherwise I’d go crazy.

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Game of Thrones Bloopers of Season 6

Game of Thrones blooper videos are an inseparable and benevolent (whatever that means lol) part of this blog, so I thought this has to be here.  🙂

Pokemon GO: How to Start with Pikachu even if it’s not showing up

Run away from starter Pokemon they said. I did. Do it for four or five times they said… I DID. With no results. But eventually I figured it out, so here is my explainer video on how to start with Pikachu in Pokemon Go.

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