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  • Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5 Trailer

    The most interesting part of Game Of Thrones is coming up this Monday. It is the episode where leftovers of the Lannyster mafia meets all of the enemies they created since Season 1. Can’t wait to see what happens next, because I’m team #haventreadthebook

  • How to Record iPhone or iPad Screen

    I used to think that to record iPhone screen you have to do things Apple Inc wouldn’t like. However with the release of iOS 8 for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and OS X Yosemite for Mac this feature is available to everyone now.

  • Trend: MyIdol App

    You must’ve seen these videos where 3d cartoon versions of people on internet dance around or perform some fun moves. I’ll tell you more about it here.

  • Upcoming Apple Events of 2015: What to Expect

    There were days in the past when I used to not know about Apple’s next event. AFter a few missed Keynotes, I was back on track. This year I want everyone in the need/want to see the rough schedule.

  • Google Search Changes – Check If Your Blog/Website Suffered

    Google has rolled out the new update to Google search algorythm. This time mobile friendly sites will get higher score in comparison to non-mobile sites. However, this algorythm will work only when searching from a mobile device, i.e. mobile phone or a tablet.

  • WhatsApp Voice Calls Will Be Available Now (For Some) and in Weeks (For Others)

    You can now call via WhatsApp she said… Let’s call each other she said… There are a few tweaks about WhatsApp voice calls.

  • Start The Travelling from Your City

    For a long time now I used to think that to travel I need more money. However, recently I discovered this simple truth – travel isn’t about your wallet, it’s about your state of mind. Now I’m ready, and I will do my best to share the best of it. Stay tuned. For now, I…

  • MusicGIFs: It’s My New Thing

    Consider MusicGIF’s (or #GIFSound) as a form of digital age art. At its basics, Music GIFs is a looping piece of video (GIFs or Cinemagraphs) with looping sound which can be part of a song or any other audio.

  • April Apps of the Week

    Every week or so I’ll be posting a few new apps or app updates and a short review. Here is the first batch. 1. Layout from Instagram You know these ugly collage apps that are made to post on intagram? Well, forget about them – now you can have Layouts made BY Instagram and FOR…

  • 8 Features You Should Look For In Any Tech Device You Buy This Decade.

    Chances are that you’ll purchase another tech device in the next few months pretty high. 3 Apple Events per year alone is enough. But there are millions of other cool stuff made every day. To know what to choose and what to avoid follow these simple steps below.