Let’s Try Vainglory on an iPad Pro, shall we?

Last week I borrowed my friend’s iPad Pro just to make this video about Vainglory. The whole Vainglory on iPad Pro experience was kinda unusual and I wouldn’t say it was better than playing the same game on an iPhone SE, the smallest screen size available for Vainglory. Anyways, see it for yourself in this short video I made with Kostya. Continue reading

New hot iOS game on the block: Hidden Folks

App Store may sometimes feel like it has to give you something great, but it hasn’t been found by the editors yet. Well, they sure did a good job finding Hidden Folks. It’s a new black and white puzzle game that challenges you to find a needle in a haystack. Continue reading

Saturday Vainglory - Like a BOSS

Saturday Vainglory – Like a BOSS

I’m starting this Saturday Vainglory series, and here’s my first proper video. I was actually playing at a Starbucks, so sorry if the sound quality isn’t as good as it could be. Continue reading

Epic iOS 10 Pokémon GO video

Epic iOS 10 Pokémon GO video

I’ve successfully upgraded to the iOS 10 despite all the pain and errors popping up… Anyway, it led to the creation of this epic iOS 10 Pokémon GO video, since most of my camera roll consists of Pokemon GO app screenshots. Check out what iOS 10 created out of it… Continue reading

Game of Thrones Bloopers of Season 6

Game of Thrones blooper videos are an inseparable and benevolent (whatever that means lol) part of this blog, so I thought this has to be here.  🙂

Pokemon GO: How to Start with Pikachu even if it’s not showing up

Run away from starter Pokemon they said. I did. Do it for four or five times they said… I DID. With no results. But eventually I figured it out, so here is my explainer video on how to start with Pikachu in Pokemon Go.

Continue reading

E3 2016 Where to watch - Zanzebek Video Games

E3 2016 main live streams – Where to watch?

E3 2016 is one of the major and most anticipated events for gamers and casual video game amateurs. Every year, the expo event presents the world breathtaking technologies and amazing games with stunning graphics. Let’s hope they’ll keep up with the game this year too. Continue reading

Real life King’s Landing is in Croatia

My next stop for summer vacation: King’s Landing… I mean Croatia, Dubrovnik in particular. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to see parts of the next season filming right in front of me. Continue reading

The Economist - About Dota 2 - Cloud9 - BigDaddy - Zanzebek Blog

The Economist about Dota 2, Cloud 9 and BigDaddy

It seems like the world finally starts to recognise the significance of the  e-sports, except my parents though. My favourite newspaper on world economics, business, politics and culture – The Economist – published a video on their Youtube Channel about Dota 2 with BigDaddy of (then) Cloud9 team as the main hero of the film.

That was a bit of a surprise, but a great deal of pleasure to see favourites of the two completely different worlds that I belong to collide in one 17-minute long video. Enjoy! Continue reading