Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Live Apple Music & CHILL

Is that Taylor’s Xmas gift or what? 1989 World Tour Live video is available to everyone in the world. Well, almost. If you have access to Apple Music you should definitely tune into right now if you haven’t already done so by now.

Taylor Swift 1989 WOrld Tour Live Featured on Zanzebek

The video is up on Apple Music since Dec 20th. As you may already know Taylor developed this awesome new habit of inviting other artists and celebrities up on stage. So yeah you’ll see that a lot too. I had goose bumps like 3 or 5 times.

I’d advise also to connect speakers (I have Bose Mini) and invite some friends up for a 2-hour party. OR! or if you’re alone like I am, I think it would be better to use headphones, you know these BIG-BIG ones from Beats, and get lost in the film’s music.

1989 World Tour Live Trailer by Beats 1 Radio

I’ll try to post the whole video once it’s released for everyone to see.

*UPDATE: Unfortunately Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour Movie is only available to Apple Music subscribers right now. If you have an iOS device or an iTunes (duh!) I’d encourage you to subscribe to Apple Music. First 3 months are free of charge, so you can cancel any time if you don’t like the service. I must repeat though: I had goose bumps like 3 or 5 times during the movie 😉

Watch 1989 World Tour Live Movie via Apple Music here






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