Dubai Photo Archives of 2014

Last year my dad organised a trip to Dubai for our family, boys only. Reason for that was for me and my younger brother to meet our youngest brother. I know things happen in life, so I happen to have one more brother, and that’s a great thing! So we had a nice vacation in Dubai that my father worked hard to make it so. We’ve been to many places and seen lots of great stuff about Dubai. Our family used to be a frequent visitor to the UAE, but again things happen. So it’s been a while since my previous trip, and if you know, Dubai changes so fast that you may not recognise it if you don’t travel over there frequently. Why didn’t i take more pictures? I’ll never know. I guess I was busy connecting with my new brother. However I did manage to take some photographs.

Landing to Dubai Airport, I think


I never use panoramic photos in Almaty

Here's my little bro holding hands with our dad

Same view, but at night

Dubai never sleeps

That Shark tho

I tried to wave him but he didn't see

It was nice seeing you, Dubai! Let's meet again next year? ;)

I should probably tell you that I haven’t seen my youngest brother since this trip. We live in different cities apart from each other. I hope I can visit him on holidays.

PS: How does one take a picture of Burj Khalifa?! I struggled, so it’s not in the 2014 archive 🙁

PPS: I bought an iPhone 6 Plus in Dubai with a disappointing feature I didn’t know of before the purchase.






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