Weekend at Kostya’s: The Cooking Party

This Saturday we had a cooking party at my friend’s (Kostya) house. He’s a chef and he’s practicing on us. His goal is to gain some more experience as a chef and have some fun with friends at the same time. I guess the fun part went well. Oh and the lasagne was quite amazing. […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Official Trailer Is Here

I was hoping that the thing someone said in the Force Awakens trailer wouldn’t ever say it. However, if the world obeyed my hopes, it would sure look way more different to the one we have today. I believe this trailer opens a door to the whole new stuff that fans will love – More Star […]

The New Star Wars Teaser is out in 360 View Mode

The closer it gets to the 7th Star Wars Episode premiere the more juicy stuff we receive as viewers. Here’s another present from the [film company] for us, but it’s for for ordinary viewer. You have to watch either from a Mobile Facebook app or Youtube on iOS or Android. It got weird when I […]