8 Features You Should Look For In Any Tech Device You Buy This Decade.

Chances are that you’ll purchase another tech device in the next few months pretty high. 3 Apple Events per year alone is enough. But there are millions of other cool stuff made every day. To know what to choose and what to avoid follow these simple steps below.

Apple’s «Spring Forward» Event For March 9th & Tim Cook’s Cheat Sheet

Apple’s approach to mysterious announcements are a must-have, despite the fact it teases fans and investors, it does it’s job well – everyone starts talking about it. No one knows for sure what happens during Keynote, but certain common rumours have settled throughout the internet.

Tech: Take Full Advantage of iPhone Widgets

With new iOS, if you havent noticed yet, there is a new feature called widget, which is basicly the same thing as the ones in desktop operating systmes, except that it really works and is found useful by many. So install the important iPhone widgets before it becomes mainstream.