INSTAGRAM STORY IDEAS using instagram app only

In this video I show my 7 creative aesthetic Instagram Story ideas. I’ve been wanting to make one of those ‘easy step tutorials using the instagram app only’ videos for ages. I’m not entirely sure if this video tells you how to create aesthetically pleasing stories, but it sure does show you some ideas.

CUSTOM GIF ON INSTAGRAM STORY: How to make custom gif on iPhone for instagram stories

Here I show you how to make custom gif for Instagram Stories from scratch on iPhone and use them in your insta Stories. Let me know in the comments if it was helpful.

Instagram in 2017: How to stand out?

If you search up ‘how to gain followers on Instagram’ or something similar, most of the online influencers and social media specialists would tell you to create good content. However, sometimes even if you create a piece of content that deserves a like, it may not be enough for you to gain substantial following on Instagram in […]