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Suddenly I lost it (Probably never having it tho)

Suddenly I lost it (Probably never having it tho)

Suddenly I lost it (Probably never having it tho) 2448 2448 ZANZEBEK BLOG

Before I got my job I was super excited about this blog, because it was different to all my previous websites – this one’s personal. Now tho, I forgot about all the hype, it seems as if it all gone.
Now I’m back to blogging, and I hope I’ll never be apart from it from now on.

Many things happened since July that I haven’t told about here. I used to think I didn’t have time, but that was one of the lamest excuses ever. I say it all the time despite having tons of it, really.

Question to all the bloggers (especially who’s not making money from blogs): How the hell are you managing to post on a regular basis? Oh what the heck, how do you manage to post at all? I mean, yes, there’s passion, but there are also other responsibilities that leave no time or energy for everything else.

The way I used to do it was picking up an inspiring moment and just going with it forgetting about important stuff that I had to do, totally abandoning them so they fire back at me anywhere from one week one year length time.

I’ll appreciate your comments so much, so please don’t hesitate :)

Here are a few pics from my last weekend


IMG_3472 IMG_3329
IMG_3459 IMG_3329 IMG_3532 IMG_3444


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