Wild Wild West of Miramar – PUBG Mobile

Well howdy partner! I aint’ seen yous around these parts! Let me tell you a story of Wild Wild West of Miramar. Wild Wild West of Miramar – PUBG Mobile Melee Mode MORE WALKTHROUGH GAMEPLAY VIDEOS This ‘PUBG Mobile Update 090’ video is from my YouTube Gaming Channel, and I will be more than happy […]

PUBG Mobile – Come over to our Chicken Chicken Dinner – Erangel Duo w/ Aliba

Loved playing PUBG Mobile so far. It’s been fun two months! Here’s one of my Chicken Chicken Dinners with my friend, Aliba. Yes, it’s Erangel, because we’re used to it. Make sure to watch this video till the end. I found it very funny, because my microphone sounds appeared choppy on Aliba’s side, and he […]

Niantic AR technology makes Pokemon interact with real environment

The hype around Pokemon Go might be long gone, however true fans are in for a great treat. New Niantic AR technology may well bring the hype back. Niantic, the well-known developer behind Pokemon Go, have been working on some new Augmented Reality technology backed up by machine learning. It allows Pokemon to interact with […]

Let’s Try Vainglory on an iPad Pro, shall we?

Last week I borrowed my friend’s iPad Pro just to make this video about Vainglory. The whole Vainglory on iPad Pro experience was kinda unusual and I wouldn’t say it was better than playing the same game on an iPhone SE, the smallest screen size available for Vainglory. Anyways, see it for yourself in this […]