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WWDC 2017 Summary – Apple Keynote Event

Apple WWDC 2017 was jam packed with great stuff. Tim Cook boiled it down to 6 parts. Let’s dive in… Continue reading

iMac Pro Apple WWDC 2017

Apple Announced iMac Pro on WWDC 2017

Fans and hard-core CPU & GPU users have been waiting for this for a good while, and now it’s here (almost). Apple have just announced the new space grey iMac Pro with all new space grey vibes. Check out the preview video… Continue reading

WWDC 2016 Summary

I believe I never miss an Apple event. This time tho I had this attempt at writing a WWDC 2016 summary. Scan along to see hints at the current trends. Continue reading

iOS 10 Preview Video – ‘Hey Hi Hello’

Apple just presented us with their latest mobile operating system iOS 10, which is all about the fun, and I mean FUN!

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WWDC 2016 – My Expectations – Zanzebek Tech

Somewhere around June 13th Apple should conduct their WWDC 2016. It’s the (one of the) most awaited developers conference of each year. Well, by me at least. Usually, WWDC is the time when Apple announces their upcoming operating system updates, and this year they are iOS 10 and OS X 10.12. These are fundamental topics to expect. However, since WWDC 2015 Apple began adding more topics to the event, especially since it began attracting non-developers from around the world too. I’m going to talk about these novelties in this post. Continue reading

Apple WWDC 2015 Highlights

Zanzebek Blog. Apple WWDC 2015 Highlights Main

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference always focuses mainly on software and rarely hardware. Here I’ll try to present this WWDC 2015 Highlights that are important for my readers. Continue reading