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Couple iPhone Vlog Tips

It was sunny, and I couldn’t stop myself from vlogging it. Why would I, right? This time I just randomly came up with the ‘iPhone vlog tips’ while walking and talking to the iPhone. Turned out handy when deciding on the title of this video. Continue reading

Final Hunger Games Movie Trailer

Don’t get too high expectations for the final Hunger Games movie trailer. I’ve seen lots of fans who were disappointed by the previous Hunger Games part. I believe it’s normal. If you look back at Lord of the Rings fans or Harry Potter fans, many had similar messed-up mixed feelings towards the middle-to-end. However final parts are always a Big Thing, and I can’t wait for the movie release in November 20th 2015. Continue reading

Games: Official Fallout 4 Trailer

The official release date of Fallout 4 is still unknown to the publinc, but we are still expecting news after the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo that will be held on June 16-18 in Los Angeles. Probably during the exhibition the official date will be announced to everyone. For now tho, all we can do is watch this trailer over and over.

VEVO World Record : Taylor Swift – Bad Blood (37Mln Views)

I always wait for releases of Taylor Swift’s new songs and music videos. Plus Kendrick is on it, so can’t really say more. Today’s VEVO World Record is there for a reason. Check out the video.

Here’s Taylor’s response on Twitter:

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How Cute Can Tom Hanks Get In Carly Rae Jepsen’s Video

I’m not really good at explaining these kind of cuteness moments, but your remember Tom Hanks, right?

Zanzebek Blog. Carly Rae Jepsens ft Tom Hanks - I really Like You

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Find Out What's Your Favourite Despicable Me Minion's Name

Find Your Favourite «Despicable Me» Minion’s Name

This Infographic provided to you by shows all of the adorable minion characters mentioned in the Despicable Me movies and how to tell them apart. Continue reading

Inspiration: Flamenco

You may not frequently refer to Flamenco dance as entertaining, but this short documentary might make you have second thoughts. Continue reading

Short Movie Revealing Severus Snape Story in a Chronological Order

Severus Snape and Lily's Love Story Video

Image Source: FlickR

Any of you feel blue after Valentine’s Day? A little depressed and like not giving a poop to important things and irrationally thinking about your sad loneliness? This video will refresh your thoughts on Harry Potter book series’ character – Severus Snape. Continue reading