How to convert multiple images into one PDF file on a Mac

A quick tutorial to show you hot to convert multiple images into one PDF file on a Mac. Watch this quick video to sort this out once and for all. Continue reading

Fight Burnig Out - Main - Zanzebek Blog

How I Fight Burning Out

It’s been few months since I realised I’m feeling burnt out. After my own therapy against it. How I fight burning out? Here’s what I jotted down for everyone in the same state. Continue reading

Zanzebek Blog. Ways To Stay Creative

8 Ways to Stay Creative

Zanzebek Blog. Ways To Stay CreativeAs a blogger I always stumble upon lack of creativity. I used to just wait until it strikes me and hope that I’ll be ready to work. It wasn’t particularly efficient or productive. Now tho, instead of just waiting, I found a few tricks to waken up my brain and stay creative whenever I want.
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11 Quick Tips To Stay Productive Every Day

1. Plan Ahead

I know it’s easy to fail even this step. I usually just find a cool “To-Do” app for iOS and write every single task into the app. Right now I’m using Any.Do. The thing I like about it is that it’s simple and straight forward. Continue reading

8 Features You Should Look For In Any Tech Device You Buy This Decade.

Chances are that you’ll purchase another tech device in the next few months pretty high. 3 Apple Events per year alone is enough. But there are millions of other cool stuff made every day. To know what to choose and what to avoid follow these simple steps below.

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3748: Almaty things about Almaty
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