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Bragi Dash earbuds is the only wireless you want

This year’s CES 2016 had many exciting products, but the wireless headphones with such an amazing and simple technology is what concerned me most. Bragi Dash earbuds are wireless in-ear headphones that have a long-lasting battery (compared to competition), incredible sound quality and something that I want you to really read carefully… Continue reading

Zanzebek CES 2016

Hottest tech trends from CES 2016

Last couple of years CES hottest trends had been all about the drones, virtual reality and wearable tech. One of those days I’ll try to make it to the show itself. Here’s what I found online about CES 2016. Continue reading

Formula E Season 1 Recaps 2015

Formula E is ‘driving’ more attention and gaining some momentum

This is a second time Formula E was held after it’s inaugural season in Beijing in 2014. In spite of it’s young age it starts to gain momentum among fans. This video covers the most important moments from the Season 1 of Formula E. I’ve never been TOO into «Formula» races, except they were fun, but this one here is something I’d like to keep an eye on.

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Zanzebek Blog. E3 Expo 2015

My Highlights Gameplay Trailers of E3 Expo Day 0

Zanzebek Blog. E3 Expo 2015

This is the first time I’m really into the E3 Expo. There are a few goodies I already like from Day 0 (out of 0-to-3). Continue reading

Games: Official Fallout 4 Trailer

The official release date of Fallout 4 is still unknown to the publinc, but we are still expecting news after the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo that will be held on June 16-18 in Los Angeles. Probably during the exhibition the official date will be announced to everyone. For now tho, all we can do is watch this trailer over and over.

A Simple Text Message Can Ruin Any iPhone

Many people around the web started complaining about some mysterious text message that made their iPhone restart and not able to open the Messages app.

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Solution: Revive Not Charging 5 Second Red Light iPod Shuffle

It’s been almost a year since I couldn’t use my iPod Shuffle. One day it just stopped responding. When I used to desperately plug it in to a socket it gave me a 5 second red light and back to nothing. My Macbook Air didn’t recognize the connection, so it didn’t appear in iTunes. BUT NOW – I found the solution on forums!

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Easily Erase an iPhone, Even If You Don’t Remember The Passcode

Zanzebek Blog. Erase iPhone No Passcode

Sometimes it does happen. To name one example, I decide to change iPhone lock screen passcode, and a day later I forget it. Also, this method works if you forgot the Restrictions code. Make sure you have your iCloud up and working, so that you can restore important data later. Then, follow this advice…

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Zanzebek Blog. How to Record iPhone or iPad Screen

How to Record iPhone or iPad Screen

I used to think that to record iPhone screen you have to do things Apple Inc wouldn’t like. However with the release of iOS 8 for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and OS X Yosemite for Mac this feature is available to everyone now.

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Trend: MyIdol App

You must’ve seen these videos where 3d cartoon versions of people on internet dance around or perform some fun moves. I’ll tell you more about it here.

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