Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer is here

The Last Jedi trailer is here! Finally, the new Star Wars movie is coming to theater in December 15, 2017. Can you wait more? Nah! Continue reading

This cute pixelated Star Wars video made me smile

Although the concept of death isn’t a funny thing, somehow the Youtube channel (@pipocaVFX) just made me smile at these pixelated Star Wars light sabre fights. This isn’t just another Youtube Star Wars video. Just see for yourself.

pixelated Star Wars Zanzebek main
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Lightsaber Escape: Star Wars game – iPhone controlled

Google Chrome launched their Star Wars experimental game – Lightsaber Escape. All you need is enter this website from a computer (using Chrome browser) and your iPhone at the same time. Here’s an official trailer of some sort: Continue reading

Star Wars BB8 Ringtones Is a Must Have

BB8 ringtones is something I didn’t know I wanted. R2-D2 is pretty old, Imperial March is too cliche. Besides who makes calls anyways? It’s the era of text-ringtones.

BB8 rolling gif via Giphy

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Jimmy Fallon & Star Wars Acapella

Star Wars acappella! Yet another great acapella presented to us, the fans, by Jimmy Fallon, Star Wars cast and The Roots. I’m thinking of making a similar star wars cappella version of my own right before I’ll enter the cinema. Continue reading

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Official Trailer Is Here

I was hoping that the thing someone said in the Force Awakens trailer wouldn’t ever say it. However, if the world obeyed my hopes, it would sure look way more different to the one we have today. I believe this trailer opens a door to the whole new stuff that fans will love – More Star Wars. Endless Star Wars episodes. Make sure to catch up on season 1… Anyway, here’s the trailer: Continue reading

The New Star Wars Teaser is out in 360 View Mode

The closer it gets to the 7th Star Wars Episode premiere the more juicy stuff we receive as viewers. Here’s another present from the [film company] for us, but it’s for for ordinary viewer. You have to watch either from a Mobile Facebook app or Youtube on iOS or Android.

It got weird when I pressed ‘Play’ on Youtube from my MacAir. Anyway here’s the video itself: