Apple iPhone SE Unboxing in 2017

One year after Apple introduced iPhone SE during their Spring 2016 event, I am doing an iPhone SE unboxing video. Why so late and is it still relevant? You gotta find out, don’t you? Continue reading

A few ways to mirror iPhone screen to a TV

I don’t like the shady ways of doing things with Apple products, so I will describe only legitimate ways to mirror iPhone screen to a TV that won’t risk your battery, data security or Apple Care Protection plan. Continue reading

Bentley's new Bentayga App for Apple Watch - Zanzebek Blog

Bentley Bentayga App for Apple Watch and iOS

Not that there are too many of them, but Bentley Bentayga owners now have another luxury – controlling many of the SUV’s built-in features entirely from their wrists with the Bentley Bentayga App for Apple Watch and iOS. Continue reading

iPhone 6S Battery case by Apple

Apple Released Battery Case for iPhone 6 & 6S

Apple approved Apple Battery iPhone case is now available in the Apple Retail and Online Stores. The cases are available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S models only, but I’m really hoping there will be an iPhone 6 Plus versions somewhere along the way. You can buy it in black or white. Continue reading

Sad cause there's no FaceTime :(

No FaceTime in Middle-East. Don’t Buy an iPhone in these 5 countries

There is no FaceTime in Middle-east… I know it might sound a little too harsh, but (and it’s a big one for me) there’s a problem with iPhones in middle-east. Let’s say you visit Dubai for holidays, buy a new iPhone (for Xmas or smth) to play with and experience the new Apple goodies, and then you go back to wherever you live. Continue reading

Tech: Take Full Advantage of iPhone Widgets

Zanzebek Blog iOS 8 iPhone 6 Plus Widgets

With new iOS, if you havent noticed yet, there is a new feature called widget, which is basicly the same thing as the ones in desktop operating systmes, except that it really works and is found useful by many. So install the important iPhone widgets before it becomes mainstream. Continue reading

How Can You Reduce iPhone Battery Consumption?

1. Location Services. Don’t allow every single app to use location services. Think before accepting if you need it, and how it’s going to affect your battery. Continue reading

4 Alarm Clock Apps for your iPhone

4 Alarm Clock iPhone Apps to make sure you get up

4 Alarm Clock Apps for your iPhone

Stop wasting time (oversleeping) with a good but old standard iOS Clock app. Developers worldwide keep doing wonderful job with these kind of applications. Continue reading