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Instagram Story Aspect Ratio

How to correctly size an Instagram Story video? What is Instagram Story Aspect Ratio? I talk briefly about all of that in this video.

What Is Instagram Story Aspect Ratio

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Instagram in 2017 - How to stand out - Zanzebek SMM - Main

Instagram in 2017: How to stand out?

If you search up ‘how to gain followers on Instagram’ or something similar, most of the online influencers and social media specialists would tell you to create good content. However, sometimes even if you create a piece of content that deserves a like, it may not be enough for you to gain substantial following on Instagram in 2017.

To really have your personality or brand imprint in people’s memory you have to create something a little unusual, more creative, but in your own style (aka your own Voice). Simply saying you have to stand out to be noticed online these days. Here are some of my suggestions on how to do that.

Instagram in 2017 - How to stand out - Zanzebek Social Media

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Instagram algorithm change - Zanzebek blogpost light

Gain followers despite the Instagram algorithm change

Not too long ago Instagram algorithm change was announced on official Instagram blog, which led to panic among the social network members. But instead of trying to fight the new algorithm, we can successfully adapt to it. Here are my suggestions for everyone who still wants to be influential on Social Networks. Continue reading

Zanzebek #2015BestNine 2015 best nine for instagram

Make Best of 2015 Instagram Post with 2015 Best Nine

Every year some cool service pops out with your Instagram profile summary of the year. In 2015 this is #2015BestNine. 2015 Best Nine site will let you enter your username and grab the result picture. You can also do this for you friends. Basically you type any username (hmm, I bet I’ll have a go at this a few more times). Continue reading

Zanzebek Blog. 10 Sings to Become a Pro Instagrammer

#IGers: 10 Signs You Are Ready To Become A Pro Instagrammer

These days almost anyone can become an instagrammer, but whether to become a Pro one depends solely on each one’s personality. Just as it is in life. Continue reading

15 Apps for Frequent Instagrammers

Zanzebek Blog. 15 Apps For Frequent InstagramersThere are tons of apps for pre-Instagram photo editing. Here are the ones I use most of the times. Continue reading