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Solution: GoPro Freezing Issue with Hero4 Silver

My GoPro freezing issue emerged 3 weeks after I bought it. I spent last money in my pocket to buy the action camera and create videos. Little did I know about what was going to happen with my GoPro videos. The struggle was real for a year. Now tho, I have a solution, all of which I explained in the video below. Continue reading

Almost fixed my GoPro camera that kept freezing up

Almost fixed my GoPro camera that kept freezing up

Here’s my usual setup: alone and trying to fix stuff. This time I thought I fixed my GoPro Hero4 which I bought a year ago, but almost never used because of its freezing problem. With a few tweaks to the camera firmware, I set myself to a mood full of hope and excitement. And that is where this video starts… Continue reading

Weekend at Charyn Canyon - Zanzebek Travel - 06

Weekend at Charyn Canyon

If you’re ever going to visit Kazakhstan – ask a local friend to drive you to Charyn Canyon.

It was an uneasy road with a few quite big bumps and millions of little ones too, but after a long and exhausting drive we finally made it! So nice that I had my GoPro with me and my friends to capture all these precious moments. Continue reading

New 360 Video by GoPro Omni Camera

Check this breathtaking new 360 video by GoPro in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria. GoPro Omni Camera uses 6 Hero4 cameras to make up the 360 video. Continue reading