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Mood: Love Don’t Cost A Thing

There are tons of books and movies that will never get tired of telling people that true love doesn’t cost any money or anything. However, people are not the one’s who like to learn things the easy way, right? In the light of what keeps happening around me (and to me) for a couple of years now, today I devote my time to give my favourite movie form high school a special place on this blog. Oh the movie is called “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”.

Love Don’t Cost a thing – In pictures

Love Don't Cost a thing - Zanzebek Mood - 1

Love Don't Cost a thing - Zanzebek Mood - 3

Love Don't Cost a thing - Zanzebek Mood - 2
Love Don't Cost a thing - Zanzebek Mood - 4

Love Don't Cost a thing - Zanzebek Mood - 5

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Love Don’t Cost A Thing Soundtrack

So what? Why this movie?

Nick Cannon and Cristina Milian look perfect in their characters. Even though the movie’s rating is one of the lowest I’ve seen on IMDb, it does prove a point for some, and gives a few others a sense of…you know… not being lonely on this matter. Give it up and share this post for those who try to make it on their own in life, regardless of their parents’ bank account!

PS: Love Don’t Cost a Thing (2003) is a remake of a 1967 teen comedy, but the fresh play, new soundtracks, all have added up to be one of my favourite movies of all time.

By Zanzebek, June 5, 2016

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