360 video of Samarkand, a Medieval Central Asian City

Euronews have released on their Facebook page this 360 video of Samarkand, a perfectly preserved medieval city in Uzbekistan. The uniqueness of this video is staggering. You won’t see anything like this footage on the internet today. Continue reading

Incredible 360 Video of Great White Sharks (up to 4K)

Watch this 360 video of Great White Sharks shot by Curiscope. The camera is so close to these sharks that I get shivers all over my skin! Definitely a must-watch. Continue reading

Flyboard Air 360 Video Guinness World Record

Watch this Flyboard Air 360 video of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement for the longest  hoverboard flight. The flight was performed on 30th of April, 2016 at Sausset les Pins, France. Hoverboards are becoming a real thing with every new model. Even year we see hoverboards that can fly even further than all the previous models. Who know, maybe one day it will be one of the main mean of transportation. Enjoy this video and experience a tiny step towards the future. Continue reading

New 360 Video by GoPro Omni Camera

Check this breathtaking new 360 video by GoPro in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria. GoPro Omni Camera uses 6 Hero4 cameras to make up the 360 video. Continue reading

360 video of Game of Thrones - Braavos - Zanzebek Blog

360 video of Game of Thrones Intro Scene

Not too long ago Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook page this 360 video of Game of Thrones intro scene and it’s incredible. I didn’t know I would love to wonder around this scene freely and give more attention to particular locations. Continue reading

new 360 video of a volcanic eruption 2 - Zanzebek Blog

New 360 Video of a Volcanic Eruption in Kamchatka, Russia

Take a look at one of the tallest and most active volcanoes in the world in a new 360 video o f a volcano eruption. This is a 15500 feet (4724 meters) tall Klyuchevskoy volcano seen up from a helicopter. Continue reading