Bentley's new Bentayga App for Apple Watch - Zanzebek Blog

Bentley Bentayga App for Apple Watch and iOS

Not that there are too many of them, but Bentley Bentayga owners now have another luxury – controlling many of the SUV’s built-in features entirely from their wrists with the Bentley Bentayga App for Apple Watch and iOS. Continue reading

Zanzebek Spotify 30 day free trial

Spotify: My Free Trial Experience +Music Inspiration

I have just started my free trial on Spotify and so far I like it a lot. Although I see major differences from Apple Music. There’s a fundamental (maybe even philosophical) difference between the two giants. Apple Music is more for personal use, so folks at Apple realise how personal and intimate can music get for one. However, Spotify lads realise the other truth – music has also been a social phenomenon throughout the course of human existence. Therefore, based on these two assumptions I see how user experience differs between the two… Continue reading

Zanzebek Apple App Store Best Apps of 2015 Blogpost 2 Light

Apple’s App Store Best Apps of 2015

Apple released App Store’s best apps of 2015. These are most used, most updated and most downloaded apps throughout the year. Continue reading

Kimoji by Kim - Zanzebek Blog

KIMOJI is Kim Kardashian’s Version of Emoji

Kimoji is emoji+Kim and the app with emoticons is about to launch tomorrow. Who’s ready? Do I have to pay for this? We’ll see. So far I have only this pic as a preview… Continue reading

April Apps of the Week

Every week or so I’ll be posting a few new apps or app updates and a short review. Here is the first batch.

1. Layout from Instagram

You know these ugly collage apps that are made to post on intagram? Well, forget about them – now you can have Layouts made BY Instagram and FOR Instagram. App features include things like automatically choosing perfect beautfiul layouts of your photos, showing photos only with faces on them, etc.


2. Periscope by Twitter

I’m not sure how popular it can get, but many celebrities and entrepreneurs began using Periscope. Its an app that lets users stream Live videos to their followers right from their iOS devices.


3. Enlight by Lightricks Ltd

This is an ultimate collection of mobile photographic tools in one app under the name Enlight. It has so many features that it probably won’t fit here. The point here is that instead of having too many «Ad-buggy» free apps that work on a feature per app basis, you can’t have one app for a few bucks. It really does save you money in longer term.


4. Instapaper (6.2 Update)

Instapaper has been powerful for a long time now, but this update is just crazy! There’s this new feature that lets you Fast-Read. The speed ranges from 200-600 words per minute. I think this is incredible, now I am addicted to instapaper. I was wondering whether it woudl be possible one day to read e-books the same way as Instapaper articles.

15 Apps for Frequent Instagrammers

Zanzebek Blog. 15 Apps For Frequent InstagramersThere are tons of apps for pre-Instagram photo editing. Here are the ones I use most of the times. Continue reading

Tech: Take Full Advantage of iPhone Widgets

Zanzebek Blog iOS 8 iPhone 6 Plus Widgets

With new iOS, if you havent noticed yet, there is a new feature called widget, which is basicly the same thing as the ones in desktop operating systmes, except that it really works and is found useful by many. So install the important iPhone widgets before it becomes mainstream. Continue reading

4 Alarm Clock Apps for your iPhone

4 Alarm Clock iPhone Apps to make sure you get up

4 Alarm Clock Apps for your iPhone

Stop wasting time (oversleeping) with a good but old standard iOS Clock app. Developers worldwide keep doing wonderful job with these kind of applications. Continue reading