WWDC 2016 Summary

I believe I never miss an Apple event. This time tho I had this attempt at writing a WWDC 2016 summary. Scan along to see hints at the current trends. Continue reading

iOS 10 Preview Video – ‘Hey Hi Hello’

Apple just presented us with their latest mobile operating system iOS 10, which is all about the fun, and I mean FUN!

WWDC 2016 - wwdc16 - Zanzebek Tech - Apple - Main

WWDC 2016 – My Expectations – Zanzebek Tech

Somewhere around June 13th Apple should conduct their WWDC 2016. It’s the (one of the) most awaited developers conference of each year. Well, by me at least. Usually, WWDC is the time when Apple announces their upcoming operating system updates, and this year they are iOS 10 and OS X 10.12. These are fundamental topics to expect. However, since WWDC 2015 Apple began adding more topics to the event, especially since it began attracting non-developers from around the world too. I’m going to talk about these novelties in this post. Continue reading

Apple’s New Headquarters – A Giant Home Button

Apple’s New headquarters building is said to strive to depict the home button of an iPhone. This giant home button for the Earth. Can humanity leave it’s fingerprint to Unlock the screen of Earth? That’s a tough metaphor to handle. Continue reading

Apple Spring 2016 Special Event Main

Apple Spring 2016 Special Event Expectations

There are rumours all over the internet about the Apple Spring 2016 Special Event. Of course some of them are crazy and you don’t have to believe in them. Although others are quite reasonable. Continue reading

iOS 9.3 Zanzebek Featured Light

iOS 9.3: exciting cool updates I can’t wait for

The iOS 9.3 has been available for developers for a while, and there a few huge updates that most of iPhone users will find beneficial (once we face the updates). Here are the ones that everyone is talking about… Continue reading

leaked 4-inch iPhone 6c zanzebek

This is leaked iPhone 6c video, isn’t it?

This Youtube channel (@micgadget) posted this video of the so-called leaked iPhone 6c, which is rumoured to arrive the stores along with the upcoming new iPhone 7. It is said that iPhone 6c will be a 4-inch sized smartphone that inherits it’s predecessors best features in a smaller package. This is a screenshot form the video:
Continue reading

iPhone 6S Battery case by Apple

Apple Released Battery Case for iPhone 6 & 6S

Apple approved Apple Battery iPhone case is now available in the Apple Retail and Online Stores. The cases are available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S models only, but I’m really hoping there will be an iPhone 6 Plus versions somewhere along the way. You can buy it in black or white. Continue reading

Sad cause there's no FaceTime :(

No FaceTime in Middle-East. Don’t Buy an iPhone in these 5 countries

There is no FaceTime in Middle-east… I know it might sound a little too harsh, but (and it’s a big one for me) there’s a problem with iPhones in middle-east. Let’s say you visit Dubai for holidays, buy a new iPhone (for Xmas or smth) to play with and experience the new Apple goodies, and then you go back to wherever you live. Continue reading

9 Things I Expect from September 9 Apple Event

Sometimes I feel like an Apple Event is more important to me than my own birthday. Does anyone feel the same way? Must be just me then. 
As with birthdays I expect the following presents from Apple to customers (me and only me): Continue reading