360 video of Samarkand, a Medieval Central Asian City

Euronews have released on their Facebook page this 360 video of Samarkand, a perfectly preserved medieval city in Uzbekistan. The uniqueness of this video is staggering. You won’t see anything like this footage on the internet today. Continue reading

Weekend at Charyn Canyon - Zanzebek Travel - 06

Weekend at Charyn Canyon

If you’re ever going to visit Kazakhstan – ask a local friend to drive you to Charyn Canyon.

It was an uneasy road with a few quite big bumps and millions of little ones too, but after a long and exhausting drive we finally made it! So nice that I had my GoPro with me and my friends to capture all these precious moments. Continue reading

I never use panoramic photos in Almaty

Dubai Photo Archives of 2014

Last year my dad organised a trip to Dubai for our family, boys only. Reason for that was for me and my younger brother to meet our youngest brother. I know things happen in life, so I happen to have one more brother, and that’s a great thing! So we had a nice vacation in Dubai that my father worked hard to make it so. We’ve been to many places and seen lots of great stuff about Dubai. Our family used to be a frequent visitor to the UAE, but again things happen. So it’s been a while since my previous trip, and if you know, Dubai changes so fast that you may not recognise it if you don’t travel over there frequently. Why didn’t i take more pictures? I’ll never know. I guess I was busy connecting with my new brother. However I did manage to take some photographs. Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston in ‘Emirates’ ad campaign

Jennifer Aniston recently starred in this ad campaign by Emirates Airlines where they  show they know how it feels when you’re not being served well, in a familiar sitcom style. I mean that wasn’t Jennifer Aniston, this was Rachel, the luxury loving naive Rachel, probably flying from US to Europe for Fashion Shows after the Friends TV-Series Finale. However, this ad isn’t about Rachel, it’s about proper service. Paying less doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be nice to the customer, does it? Continue reading

Panorama Photo Didn't Go Very Well - Zanzebek Blog: Barcelona Archives

Barcelona Photo Archives

How did I come up with these photos? After installing the new OS X El Capitan, I decided to see what’s changed for the Photos app. Which eventually turned into a simple addicted scroll of thousands of photos. That’s how our family trip to Spain came up. I was wondering why is it not here on my blog, which led to the creation of this post.

It’s been pretty fun that summer. We got to see many sights as much as we didn’t have time for other important buildings, parks and certain landmarks. Nevertheless it was great and I hope I could visit Barcelona again some time in the near future. Here are some photos I would like to share with you. Continue reading

She Gets Cancer, Drops Everything and Travels To See 7 Wonders of the World

[Video] Beautiful and touching story of a young woman who decided to embrace into an adventrue after being diagnosed with cancer. Continue reading

Start The Travelling from Your City

For a long time now I used to think that to travel I need more money. However, recently I discovered this simple truth – travel isn’t about your wallet, it’s about your state of mind. Now I’m ready, and I will do my best to share the best of it. Stay tuned. For now, I have a few pics to share already:


I left part of my heart in Barcelona

Coffee time is my favorite part of day


Although I don’t encourage you to smoke, I have to admit I love Shisha:


On my way to Shymbulak Ski Resort in Almaty


It’s beautiful out here, you should visit any time of year.

Night Almaty in winter is the best


PS: I’m trying out posting with WordPress app for iPhone. So I don’t know how it will look in the end.

3748: Almaty things about Almaty
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