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[Save Money] Things to Buy on Black Friday 2016 – Zanzebek Guide

One week left until the most awaited shopping day of the year, and right up to today I didn’t know what to buy on Black Friday 2016 so that I could save money and have purchase something of good value to me. But I made a little research and here’s what I think will save you the most money this year. Continue reading

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Why start writing in a journal regularly?

Decision to start writing in a journal was one of the most important decisions in my life in terms of size of the decision to the impact it brings to the quality of my life. Although I started it on a more intuitional level, I recently searched the internet for reasons for starting a journal. The result was a nice pleasing surprise that I want to share here. Continue reading

How to fall asleep in 1 minute Main

How to quickly fall asleep in under 1 min

I found out about this fall asleep method somewhere on the internet and I can’t remember the source. But what I have is that I experimented a little with this quick fall sleep theory and it kind of works (-ish). Continue reading

#Infographic Explains: How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Brain

This beautiful infographic below illustrates and explains how each part of a human’s brain suffers from sleep deprivation. Continue reading

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8 Ways to Stay Creative

Zanzebek Blog. Ways To Stay CreativeAs a blogger I always stumble upon lack of creativity. I used to just wait until it strikes me and hope that I’ll be ready to work. It wasn’t particularly efficient or productive. Now tho, instead of just waiting, I found a few tricks to waken up my brain and stay creative whenever I want.
Continue reading

11 Quick Tips To Stay Productive Every Day

1. Plan Ahead

I know it’s easy to fail even this step. I usually just find a cool “To-Do” app for iOS and write every single task into the app. Right now I’m using Any.Do. The thing I like about it is that it’s simple and straight forward. Continue reading

How to Motivate Myself To Blog More?

Zanzebek. I blog for coffee

Interesting thing happened to me yesterday. I met my friend who started blogging a month ago. After discussing our lives we decided to make a slight competition between each other. Continue reading