How to vlog? Simple guide for beginners

How to vlog? Here’s a dead-simple guide

I’ve learned about how to vlog relatively recently, and this one vlog lesson really works. You can see it yourself. Continue reading

Cleaned the wrong car fail - Winter

Cleaned the wrong car fail – Winter 2016

After a strong blizzard in Almaty, local authorities failed to clean up the mess. And here comes the fun part. Someone at my building cleaned the wrong car from snow. Guess who’s car was that? Of course it was mine. It finally happened! Just like in the famous commercial. Anyways watch my video here. Continue reading

New MacBook Pro Video Summary - Apple Event October 2016 - Main - Zanzebek Tech

New MacBook Pro Video Summary – Apple Event 2016

I’ve just watched the whole live Apple October Event for the new MacBook Pro, and this is the only thing I want now. Here’s a brief a new MacBook Pro video summary: Continue reading

Weekend with Dina – A trip to the Big Almaty Lake

People at the office, where me and Dina used to work together (and that is also how we met) last year, used to describe her as a “Sunny Person”. Like the sunshine, she’s the main reason that makes any party even better. Most of the time the camera isn’t pointing at her directly, but she’s the major reason we’ve all got together and went on this mountain trip. Watch this video I made about our trip to the Big Almaty Lake that’s located high in between the mountains of the city of Almaty… Continue reading

A Day in the summer 2016 in almaty - Zanzebek Vlog

#VLOG: A Day In The Summer 2016 in Almaty

Summer 2016 is long gone, but I’m saying my goodbye’s only now with this video. Continue reading

Weekend with Aliba: Casually chilling before going to the movies - Zanzebek Vlog

Weekend with Aliba: Casually chilling before going to the movies

This is a sneak peek to the city of Almaty through the lense of my cameras. Please have a look and meet my friends: Continue reading

Weekend at Anelya's: The Cooking Party 3 - Risotto and Shrimps - Youtube

Weekend with Friends: The Cooking Party 3 – Risotto & Shrimps

It’s been almost a year since the previous Cooking Party, and many people were craving for another one. Well, thanks to my enthusiastic friends, we’ve just had one. So far, this weekend food party was the best in terms of close family-like vibes in the kitchen air. Watch my video summary from the cooking party here:…

Continue reading

Weekend at Charyn Canyon - Zanzebek Travel - 06

Weekend at Charyn Canyon

If you’re ever going to visit Kazakhstan – ask a local friend to drive you to Charyn Canyon.

It was an uneasy road with a few quite big bumps and millions of little ones too, but after a long and exhausting drive we finally made it! So nice that I had my GoPro with me and my friends to capture all these precious moments. Continue reading

Love Don't Cost A thing - Zanzebek Mood - Main Light

Mood: Love Don’t Cost A Thing

There are tons of books and movies that will never get tired of telling people that true love doesn’t cost any money or anything. However, people are not the one’s who like to learn things the easy way, right? In the light of what keeps happening around me (and to me) for a couple of years now, today I devote my time to give my favourite movie form high school a special place on this blog. Oh the movie is called “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. Continue reading

Best MSQRD Videos from Zanzebek - Main - Personal

Best MSQRD videos of Zanzebek

I forgot how much I liked the MSQRD app. When I just found out about the app and downloaded it I didn’t know it would become so popular. I doing my own thing, minding my own business and then BAM! MSQRD became I really big hit. Here’s my long-forgotten and very brief collection of best MSQRD videos that I made. Continue reading