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How I Fight Burning Out

It’s been few months since I realised I’m feeling burnt out. After my own therapy against it. How I fight burning out? Here’s what I jotted down for everyone in the same state. Continue reading

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A Modern-Day Nomad’s Inspiration

Nomadic spirit lives among each and every one of us, as willingness to walk, run, travel and discover is in the heart of every living creature on this planet. Other than that, a modern human-being has to make a living by doing something he or she enjoys. Seeing these pics not only makes me want to have those houses, cars and work in spacious offices, but also think about the core idea – the most important thing is to travel no matter what things you have or don’t have. Continue reading

She Gets Cancer, Drops Everything and Travels To See 7 Wonders of the World

[Video] Beautiful and touching story of a young woman who decided to embrace into an adventrue after being diagnosed with cancer. Continue reading

40 Different Blogpost Angles


Not too long ago I found an image with the list of these different blogpost angles made by someone I can’t find. This list is a goldmine. Here’s my introductory explanations on every point.

Continue reading

Words Of Wisdom from Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj via: FlickR

You might think of Nicki Minaj as being an ambassador of those people who never stop thinking about butts and stuff. Well, don’t. Continue reading

Inspiration: Flamenco

You may not frequently refer to Flamenco dance as entertaining, but this short documentary might make you have second thoughts. Continue reading

Les Twins Inspiration (Songs)

Inspiration: Les Twins



Image Source: FlickR

The thing that inspires me more than new music, is beautiful dance videos. Continue reading

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23 Motivational “Bloguotes” to Boost Every Blogger’s Motivation

Zanzebek Quotes for Bloggers

I don’t know if anyone has done it before, but here’s an idea for you guys if you ever blogged or want to: I took some great motivational quotes by well-known successful people and turned them into ‘Quotes for Bloggers’ (blog-quotes/bloguotes).

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Zanzebek Macbook Air SoundCloud Jan 18 2015 Playlist

Music Inspiration of The Week

Zanzebek Macbook Air SoundCloud Jan 18 2015 Playlist
Once in a while I need something new to listen to keep my brain working creatively, to keep my soul inspired. I need Music Inspiration. So here are some tracks I’ve found dropping by SoundCloud: Continue reading