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On the go: #TBT Sketches

I decided to diversify my blog feed a little with something that’s been going on on my iPhone ‘Fiftythree’ and ‘Procreate’ apps. My blog is supposed to reflect my personality, so these have to be somewhere around. 🙂 Continue reading

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Inspiration: Music of June – Zanzebek Life

It’s been almost 2 years since I posted an inspirational music playlist. I really wanted to change that for a long time and post some music, which I am about to with this ‘Music of June’ playlist. Here’s some great music for a very productive inspirational musical session that you deserve. The playlist starts with a song named ‘Parisian girl’ as an anthem to the gorgeous girl from Paris living here, in Kazakhstan, whom I see everyday at the coffee shop, and sometimes at a few other places in the city. I think she’s a French government spy. Just kidding! Plug your headphones, increase the volume, and Press Play. Continue reading

40 Rare Muhammad Ali photographs

Muhammad Ali isn’t only the greatest boxer of all times, but also a great philanthropist, activist, father and many other things. His inspirational and, as said by some, controversial figure left an inspirational and motivational energy of hope to this world for many human generations to come. I couldn’t stay silently when I read that he passed away. Here are some rare Muhammad Ali photographs I found. Continue reading

Moleskine Game of Thrones Edition Trailer

I was hoping Moleskine Game of Thrones edition happen someday soon before the Season 6 Premiere, and it did. Moleskine and HBO collaborated on Moleskine’s Game of Thrones Edition Notebook Series for every of our favourite houses of Westeros. Continue reading

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How I Fight Burning Out

It’s been few months since I realised I’m feeling burnt out. After my own therapy against it. How I fight burning out? Here’s what I jotted down for everyone in the same state. Continue reading

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A Modern-Day Nomad’s Inspiration

Nomadic spirit lives among each and every one of us, as willingness to walk, run, travel and discover is in the heart of every living creature on this planet. Other than that, a modern human-being has to make a living by doing something he or she enjoys. Seeing these pics not only makes me want to have those houses, cars and work in spacious offices, but also think about the core idea – the most important thing is to travel no matter what things you have or don’t have. Continue reading

She Gets Cancer, Drops Everything and Travels To See 7 Wonders of the World

[Video] Beautiful and touching story of a young woman who decided to embrace into an adventrue after being diagnosed with cancer. Continue reading

40 Different Blogpost Angles


Not too long ago I found an image with the list of these different blogpost angles made by someone I can’t find. This list is a goldmine. Here’s my introductory explanations on every point.

Continue reading

Words Of Wisdom from Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj via: FlickR

You might think of Nicki Minaj as being an ambassador of those people who never stop thinking about butts and stuff. Well, don’t. Continue reading

Inspiration: Flamenco

You may not frequently refer to Flamenco dance as entertaining, but this short documentary might make you have second thoughts. Continue reading