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Speak Valyrian Like Denny

There’s something special about High Valyrian than other languages of the Game of Thrones world. I just found this infographic that teaches you to speak Valyrian on a basic level. I think t’ll be fun to joke around (if learned successfully), the Game-of-Thrones way. Some of the phrases are pretty easy to learn and pronounce, whilst others are something to practice on. I must warn you though – there might be a little spoiler if you interpret it the right way. Continue reading

#Infographic Explains: How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Brain

This beautiful infographic below illustrates and explains how each part of a human’s brain suffers from sleep deprivation. Continue reading

Zanzebek Blog. 50 Life Advice Cartoon

50 Life Advice From Beloved Cartoon Characters

If your parents tell you someday that watching cartoons is a waste of time and that it can’t teach you anything, show them this infographic. They wouldn’t expect such meaningful life advice from child cartoons. Continue reading

Find Out What's Your Favourite Despicable Me Minion's Name

Find Your Favourite «Despicable Me» Minion’s Name

This Infographic provided to you by Collectib.ly shows all of the adorable minion characters mentioned in the Despicable Me movies and how to tell them apart. Continue reading