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Summer 2016 Essentials

It’s summer already and there are things that should be thought of in advance. I don’t have any of these, but I’d sure use every little opportunity to make these clothes and accessories mine. Especially that “Hey, Arnold!” t-shirt at the bottom of this post. Continue reading

BMW 3 Series Evolution Video

The Donut Media has released their graphic video of how BMW 3 Series evolved through the course of BMW’s history up until today. Continue reading

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Moleskine Toy Story Limited Edition

As a huge fan of  Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy (or soon-to-be tetralogy), I was super excited to see this Moleskine Toy Story Limited Edition. The series of luxury notebooks range from pocket to large ruled notebooks in Toy Story (-ish) colours.

Moleskine Toy Story Limited Edition - Sketch - Moleskine Everywhere Buzz Woody - Zanzebek Blog Continue reading

Moleskine Game of Thrones Edition Trailer

I was hoping Moleskine Game of Thrones edition happen someday soon before the Season 6 Premiere, and it did. Moleskine and HBO collaborated on Moleskine’s Game of Thrones Edition Notebook Series for every of our favourite houses of Westeros. Continue reading

Marcelo Burlon County of Milan iPhone 6 Cases Main for Zanzebek

Marcelo Burlon County of Milan iPhone 6 Cases

I’m not too into fashion, lightly saying, but these Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 cases are something that every guy out there should at least want to have someday soon. I hope I can get them either on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Continue reading

My Black Friday Wishlist 2015

My Black Friday Wishlist 2015

Finally, I have decided upon my Black Friday Wishlist this year. Can’t stress how many Black Fridays have I missed throughout my grownup years. This time I’m all set to browse the web for the things I wanted for so long. Here are some of my favourites. Have already set my alerts for these things and hopefully at least some of them will have a nice discount. Continue reading

F1 Canadian Grand Prix 2015 at Mont Real Highlights

After a short break from the Monaco Grand Prix the F1 is back in Montreal. For many of you who weren’t able to visit the race, I’ve collected the best parts of the event from around the web.

Race Preview:

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The #FollowMeTo Founders’ Wedding: Murad Osmann & Natali Zakharova

I could not NOT share this. The only photograph that has been missing from the @followmetraveller is a #FollowMe Wedding. Which is now fixed. My personal congratulations to the couple that has true history behind them and an amazing future before.

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Formula 1 Monte Carlo 2015 Highlights

There were things that are considered unusual and things that are normal to the Monte Carlo F1 race history. There’s something about Monaco F1 race that makes it special among others. Watch the most impressive moments of the race to feel the energy of the day.

Here’s the official Formula 1 Monte Carlo ’15 Race Preview:

Here’s the highlights video:

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15 Inspirational Wall Art Prints for your Interior

I believe you should always have a big reminder-slash-inspiraiton right there on your walls next to your work space. And it only benefits you and your creativity jumpstarts if you change them from time to time. Here are my current favourites:

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