Waiting for the Wildest Dreams video finally paid off

I was dreaming for Tay-Tay’s Wildest Dreams for too long. Now when it’s live, I’d like to share it here.

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Zanzebek Blog. Toy Story Life Lessons

16 Life lessons from toy story trilogy

My friend made me really upset about him a few days ago. Six months ago another friend really did something that led to our friendship to fall apart. In between those two I myself almost ruined my friendship with a girl I really liked, but I fought back, so did she. (So what does it make one perosn a good friend and another the one that makes friends upset?)

Toy Story is my favourite animated movie of all times. Part of me will always strive to be like Woody, will always seek to have friends like Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, and others, and will always appreciate friendship as one of the main gifts in life. So what are some life lessons that we can grasp from Toy Story movies? Continue reading


I’ll explain everything later. As a Friends Fan I had to post it. Enjoy

Suddenly I lost it (Probably never having it tho)

Before I got my job I was super excited about this blog, because it was different to all my previous websites – this one’s personal. Now tho, I forgot about all the hype, it seems as if it all gone.
Now I’m back to blogging, and I hope I’ll never be apart from it from now on.

Many things happened since July that I haven’t told about here. I used to think I didn’t have time, but that was one of the lamest excuses ever. I say it all the time despite having tons of it, really.

Question to all the bloggers (especially who’s not making money from blogs): How the hell are you managing to post on a regular basis? Oh what the heck, how do you manage to post at all? I mean, yes, there’s passion, but there are also other responsibilities that leave no time or energy for everything else.

The way I used to do it was picking up an inspiring moment and just going with it forgetting about important stuff that I had to do, totally abandoning them so they fire back at me anywhere from one week one year length time.

I’ll appreciate your comments so much, so please don’t hesitate 🙂

Here are a few pics from my last weekend


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Unexpected Calls Bring Exactly What You Wanted. Just pick up the phone!

Oh, yes! I have a job now! Last month I received a call that basically got me a new job – yay! However, I feel like I have no time for my blog now. So from now on I’ll try to post most of the blogposts right from my iPhone. We’ll see how it goes (*update: this draft is one month old). 

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